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Dream Kitchen Designing | What I'd love...

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Before anyone gets too excited for me, I don't have a house...yet! But it's something we're talking about. Something that will be happening in the not too far away future. And it's inspired me to start creating and sharing some more home / interiors content here on the blog. Now, before I get into telling you all about my dream kitchen, please note the 'dream' bit. Luckily the other half and I seem to share a lot of the same loves / hates when it comes to interiors but I know that there'll be times where one of us has to compromise...so this dream kitchen I have in my head could totally change. Also, we don't even have a house yet so it really is just me throwing a few ideas out there of things I like, inspired by the wonder that is Pinterest, of course! Anyway, I'll just shut up and get on with it...

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Terracotta paint

News flash! - I now like coloured walls. A couple of years back, I would never paint a wall any other colour than white and the thought of it filled me with dread but things change and I now think coloured walls look pretty cool. I think finding the right paint colour can be difficult and let's face it, it's a fairly big commitment. Though I guess you could just paint over it if you hated it. But anyway...I digress!

I've been saving so many paint colour ideas on my Home and Interiors Pinterest board from Moody Blues to Sage Greens (both of which I absolutely adore) but the colour we've been discussing for the potential future dream kitchen is terracotta. When my other half first suggested it, I have to admit I immediately wanted to shut the idea down. Images of a yellow and terracotta kitchen at one of my childhood houses instantly flooded my mind and even though my parents insisted it was fashionable at the time (maybe it was guys), it's not a colour scheme I'd like to see again. Ever.

But having looked at some terracotta walls on Pinterest, I've got to say, I've really warmed to it and think it could look beautiful! There's something warming about terracotta and I love that it's a little bit different. I think it could work well with rustic wood shelving, copper pans (more on those in a minute) greenery or even soft pink accessories (though I think I really am living in dreamland for that one!)

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Herb garden

My house plants board on Pinterest is flooded with indoor herb garden designs and ideas. I love a herb garden - as weird as that sounds. There's just something so nice about having fresh herbs to throw into your cooking. And I plan to do as much cooking from scratch as possible to save us money! I think herb gardens are a great way of adding a little greenery to your kitchen and bringing the outdoors in. They're practical AND stylish. I think this is an idea I'll be able to sell to the other half without any trouble.

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Copper pans

Something we're definitely in agreement on is having copper pans in our dream kitchen. It's just a matter of finding ones that are good quality yet won't break the bank. I've seen a fairly reasonably priced set of non-stick copper pans at Argos and as they're still on-trend every brand and store seems to have their own version right now. But if you have a good set of copper pans, I'd love a brand recommendation!

Exposed stone / brick wall

When I picture my dream kitchen, an exposed stone or brick wall is always present in my mind. I love their rustic, natural beauty and think they're a great for giving your kitchen both character and style. I'm all for leaving them their natural colour but I also think they look great with a white wash of paint, especially if the kitchen itself is a little on the dark side.

Image credit: WallSauce
Of course, there is the option these days to fake it! Wallsauce have a fantastic collection of brick and stone wallpapers, which are available in a variety of designs and look so realistic. All of the wall murals by the British company are made to measure and available to print on a choice of wallpaper finishes (including peel and stick ideal for rental properties). I think the designs look fantastic and they are definitely something I would consider using in my dream kitchen, if the real thing isn't feasible!

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Kitchen island

My dream kitchen would also have an island for food preparation. We currently have one in the house we are renting and it's so useful. I think kitchen islands (especially those with drawers and cupboard space) are a really practical feature but whether or not we have one will all depend on the shape and size of the room itself.

What design features would you include in your dream kitchen?

Megan x
Collaborative content.


  1. I have a wild guess that you are leaning into a rustic themed kitchen. What's good about it is design-wise everything just doesn't go out of style. It's like a staple kitchen design and I don't think you could go wrong. Say, have you decided on what kitchen layout will you be dealing with. As you this is essential because an inconvenient one will result to poor kitchen moments.