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Hape Wooden Toddler Toy Reviews

If there's one thing kids love doing, it's making noise - so it's fair to say that musical toys always go down a treat! But if battery-operated musical toys with repetitive rhymes and irritating animal sounds tend to drive you a little bonkers (don't worry we've all been there) then you'll be glad of more traditional musical toy offerings, from brands like Hape!

Hape is the world's largest producer of wooden toys. As a brand they are committed to achieving sustainability in their toy production, with designs that make use of natural, renewable materials, are durable in design and made to stand the test of time. What I love about Hape is that they offer both a nod to traditional toys of times gone by with their beautiful wooden designs, yet remain up-to-date with what the kids of today want to play with. Their toy ranges are designed for children from birth to 6 years and cover all categories, from role play and puzzles to construction and music.

Their musical instrument toys are some of the best I've seen and this Multi Musical Block Set*, which Arthur was kindly gifted, not only allows children to experiment with musical sounds but shape, construction and size too. As you can see from the pictures, the set contains different size blocks, which can be stacked any way the child sees fit. Each block features a different instrument and they can be stacked into each other and carried around, using the handle, with ease. Suitable from 18 months, it's a fantastic musical toddler toy that will allow your little one to have fun experimenting with sound.

If you're a fan of traditional wooden toys, you'll also love this Rolling Roadster Car* from Hape. Designed to fit perfectly into little hands and allow for easy movement, this cute little wooden car is bound to be a favourite. Arthur loves pushing it over different surfaces and making it drive up and down the furniture! Although he's got a big collection of cars, I have a feeling this will be one that lasts for any future children because of it's sturdy, quality design. At £7.99, it's really affordable and would make a fantastic gift for a child's 1st birthday.

Are you and your kids a fan of traditional wooden toys?

Megan x
*Items gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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