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Personalised Blaze and the Monster Machines Book Review

Ask Arthur what his favourite TV show is and I can almost guarantee he'll say Blaze and the Monster Machines. It's a show he's loved for a good while now and although he's gone through phases of watching Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shine and other Nicklelodeon shows in the past, it's Blaze he always goes back to.

About Blaze and the Monster Machines

For those who don't know, the show is basically about a Monster Machine called Blaze and his best friend / driver AJ and the adventures they get up to in Axle City. Blaze has lots of other Monster Machine friends (you'll see a few pictured in my photos) and also a rival, called Crusher, who's always getting up to no good and causing many predicaments for Blaze and his pals. As a parent, these TV shows do get on my nerves a little but I can see why they appeal to kids. I quite like the fact that Blaze attempts to teach kids things about science, technology, engineering and maths. The songs are admittedly catchy (I've realised I've learnt the words to many of them without even knowing) and I feel like Arthur has learnt some rather big words for a two year old that I'd never even use in real life like 'trajectory.'

Personalised Blaze Book

As you can imagine, Arthur was absolutely delighted to see that the lovely team at Penwizard had sent him his very own personalised Blaze and the Monster Machines book*. His little face lit up and he couldn't wait to have it read to him. In fact, I believe I had to read it three times before we were allowed to do anything else, the day it arrived!

Create your character

Like with the personalised Paw Patrol book I featured in my Father's Day Gift Guide, Penwizard allow you to completely personalise the look of your son or daughter's character in the Blaze book too. You can select everything from the colour and style of their hair to the colour of their clothes and eyes. With this particular book you'll also be asked the city you live in and your child's birthday, as these feature in the story.

The story

The Blaze and the Monster Machines story follows one similar to one of the TV show episodes, where Gabby (the mechanic in Axle City) has her tools stolen by Crusher and his sidekick Pickle. Blaze goes on a mission to get them back, with the help of his best friend AJ and your son or daughter! Arthur loved seeing himself as a character in Blaze and really got into the story, shouting out words when prompted and pointing at the pictures.

The story itself is quite long, so if your little one is quite young, prepare for them not to reach the end. We're at a stage where Arthur will now happily sit and listen to a book he's interested in like that but I think it would have been a different matter a few months ago! Having said that, don't let it stop you buying the book because it's perhaps one little ones can grow into and if they watch Blaze, they're bound to love it anyway!

A great gift...

I think the personalised books from Penwizard are a fantastic buy for kids, particularly if they're into the popular Nicklelodeon shows. They'd make a great gift either for your own child or as a birthday present for other little ones and the fact they're completely personalised makes them all the more special.

The Blaze and the Monster Machines personalised book costs £14.99 for a softback and £19.99 for a hardback. Penwizard have also kindly offered 10% off purchases of the book using the code BLAZE10.

What do you think of personalised books for kids?

Megan x
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