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5 things you take for granted when living with your parents

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Did you know that the number of young adults still living with their parents is at an all time high? Figures from the Office for National Statistics state that a quarter of people aged 20-34 still live at home and I am one of those people.

Yes, at the age of twenty seven (nearly twenty eight) I am still living with my mum and dad, along with my brother (who is actually moving out this weekend) and my gorgeous little boy. Of course in an ideal world I’d have had my own place but for several reasons, living at home has been the best option for us.

We don’t currently live with my partner, though this is something that’s on the cards for the not-too-far-away future, as we’re ready to live together as a family. Getting our own house and living together is something I’m so excited about and so ready for but it’s also got me thinking about the things I take for granted, living with parents. Although I’m very much an adult, as I’m not only in my late twenties but a parent too, there are still many ‘home-related’ things I don’t take care of, things that are still classed as the things my parents sort out and I bet other people still living at home can relate! Things like…

1. Food shopping and cooking

I'm very spoilt in the fact that my mum still does the majority of the food shopping for us all and although I help out with cooking meals for the family, I feel like meal planning in general is definitely something I take for granted! Having said this, I am really looking forward to having 'my own' kitchen in the future and actually love cooking...clearing up not so much!

2. Bills, bills, bills

Living at home, I'm not in charge of organising the services we use and pay for. I don't have to worry about making sure we're on the cheapest energy tariff or why the water bill is more expensive than usual. This will all have to change once I have my own home. I better start picking up some tips and learn to budget a little better.

3. House and appliance repairs

I bet I'm not the only one who hasn't got a clue about their central heating system? We've never really had to worry if there's been a problem with our boiler because as a trained and qualified gas engineer, it's something my Dad has always been able to sort out! I imagine so many people take things like the maintenance of their appliances for granted when they live with parents, as it's something they just don't need to worry about until they live in their own home! My first thought for these things will always be better call Dad!

4. Having the essentials in when you need them most

Another thing I take for granted is that our family home has all the essentials (and we know exactly where to find them). When we move out, we'll have to buy these essentials. I'm talking everything from toilet roll and hand soap to a stocked up medicine box. That first shop you do is bound to be so expensive, as you'll realise there's so many things your parents have been buying that you now need to buy for yourself!

5. The comfort and support

One of the things I'll definitely miss when I no longer live with my parents is the help, comfort and support I get from them every day with my wild (but very wonderful) toddler! Having lived with my parents since he was born, they've always been there to give me a helping hand when I've needed it and offer words of comfort and support when the tenth toddler tantrum of the day has really left me feeling beaten. I feel so grateful for everything they've done for me (and continue to do) and know I've had it far easier than most single parents.

Obviously a lot of people won't be parents, living at home with their own parents but just think about some of the other ways your parents may provide comfort and support on a daily basis. They may drive you up the wall at times (I'm sure you do the same to them) but I bet you'll miss them when you move!

Are you moving out of your parents soon? What do you think you'll find the hardest? Or if you have already moved out, is there anything you realised you took for granted when living with the 'rents?

Megan x
Collaborative content. 

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