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Blending Interior Design Ideas when your Partner has Different Tastes to you

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Moving in with your partner? Have different tastes in decor? Worried about all the arguments you're going to have? Don't be. The answer is simple - find a way to blend your styles. After all, a home does not have to have one particular theme and in my personal opinion, should reflect and represent all those living there.

Although I've not yet moved in with my partner, it's something we're talking about and have already had several discussions about our future home's decor. For the most part, we seem to agree on what we like - rustic and cosy, with hints of both modern and traditional elements. We also want to upcycle furniture wherever possible to keep costs down and add character to our home. But there are things that we're bound to disagree on - after all, he's a country boy through-and-through, complete with several sets of antlers above his bed and I'm a girl who likes a bit of marble and copper. We're different in many ways but that's partly what makes us work. I don't think couples have to like all the same things (it'd be pretty boring), the main thing is that you share the same values and want similar things out of life.

There are so many ways you can blend interior design ideas when your partner has different tastes to you, so don't let the thought of it fill you with dread. Talk about your ideas openly, be willing to listen to theirs and together you will create something truly unique and representative of you as a family.

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Make the big decisions together

If you're moving in together and creating a family home, it's important that you both love the space you live in. Big decisions, like the colour of your walls or key pieces of furniture in your bedroom or living room, should be made together. Having said this, don't be afraid to make suggestions, even if you're not sure they're your partner's cup of tea - you never know, they might surprise you! For example, my other half suggested terracotta for our future kitchen and I initially pulled a face but then once I'd thought about it and done a little Pinterest research (as you do), I actually thought it could look pretty cool. 

Follow the 80 / 20 rule

Interior designers often use something known as the '80 / 20 rule' to blend different decor ideas. Basically, 80% of the room should be one style and 20% can be your accent style. This supposedly helps you achieve the best balance, rather than splitting 50 / 50, which could leave your room looking a little jumbled.

Of course, you'll have to decide which style is the main one for your room and which is the accent. I think for this you really need to think about what suits the actual room best and what will allow you to achieve the overall feel you want. Consider what you need to get out of the room and its level of practicality.

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Lighting is a great way to add a contemporary accent to an otherwise traditional or rustic interior. I really love minimalist bulb pendant lights, copper floor lamps and geometric copper lamp shades and think they look great in more traditionally-styled rooms. 

Make a Pinterest board

A great way to brainstorm some ideas and get an idea of how each other's tastes can work together is to use a site like Pinterest. It's great for collecting ideas, gaining inspiration and working out how different styles can be blended. You can make a shared interior design board by inviting each other as contributors. Go through the pins together and talk about what you like and what you don't. 

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Keep size, scale and visual balance in mind

When blending interior design ideas, it's important to keep size and scale in mind. Group similar sized items together to help achieve a more cohesive look. Small, dainty items could get lost amongst larger, bolder pieces. When creating displays, group items that have something in common together. They don't need to match or be the same, they could just be of a similar size or scale.

Creating visual balance will also be important, if you are blending different interior designs. For example, in the bedroom, you may want different bedside tables. I would love something feminine and stylish, like the Felicity Lamp Table from Furnish Your Home, whereas, my other half would probably prefer something a little more rustic and masculine, like this refurbished trunk listed on ebay! There's no reason why this wouldn't work, it'd just be about choosing pieces of a similar size, possibly having matching bedside lamps and buying a bed that is perhaps a little more neutral and therefor complimentary to both styles. Having said this,  I do have my eye on something like this Rosalind Bed, as I've always loved the look of beds with plush, padded, buttoned headboards. I think they have a really luxury feel, perfect for the bedroom!

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Understand you'll both have important / sentimental items

Although compromise is important and will definitely come into play on both sides when decorating a home, there will be some items that are that sentimental or important that they will be going in your home no matter what. For me, it's family photo frames. I know some people like a totally minimalist look or abstract artwork and that's cool but I think family pictures help to make a house a home and evoke so many memories. My other half definitely has more decorative pieces and ornaments than I do and I'm totally fine with the fact they'll be dotted around our future home because they'll give it character and reflect his personality too.

Do you have any tips for blending interior design ideas when your partner has different tastes to you? I'd love to hear them, so comment below or tweet me @meganjane03!

Megan x
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