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Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus Review

Let's start this off by saying I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Play-Doh. On one hand, I love the stuff; it has the nostalgia factor for me and it seems to keep Arthur entertained far longer than many of his other toys but on the other hand it can get pretty messy and grubby can't it? As I said, it's a real love-hate thing and I bet I'm not the only parent that feels that way?

Of course, kids think Play-Doh is the best thing in the world and that's really all that matters. Arthur loves it so as a special treat I bought him the Cranky the Octopus Play-Doh set, currently on offer at Amazon for just £11.99. I don't tend to share many kids' toy reviews here on the blog but I think this is such a great set - one I'd highly recommend!

Cranky the Octopus is really appealing to kids and has the fun factor. You pop your choice of Play-Doh inside, crank it up and it grows lovely long, colourful legs. Arthur was delighted when he realised what it did and wanted to do it again and again. Although he needs a little help setting it up at the moment, it won't be long before he's worked out how to do it all himself.

As well as the octopus, you also get 5 Play-Doh pots in a variety of colours and a selection of Play-Doh tools including moulds, scissors, a rolling pin and a cutting wheel. With these tools, kids can make lots of different sea creatures and have lots of fun cutting out different shapes. We particularly like the fish book mould, which you can make a cute little 3d goldfish with!

I feel like it's the ideal set for kids Arthur's age (he turns 3 in October) as it allows them to get creative but isn't too complicated. It can still get a bit messy and grubby, 'cus it's Play-Doh and that's to be expected. I try and keep it on a tray and give the Octopus a little wipe, once Arthur's had enough. Putting the lids on the Play-Doh tubs is also a must to prevent it drying out.

For £11.99 it's great value for money, especially considering the Play-Doh pots are included. It's also available on Amazon Prime, so if you are a member, it'll be delivered next day. The Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus set would make a lovely gift, whether it's for your own child or one of their little friends' birthdays!

Megan x
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