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#TakeTimeOutside this Summer with Dobbies

Since having Arthur, I've spent so much more time outdoors. At the weekends, we're always out on little family adventures; exploring local woods or seeking out the perfect spot for a paddle and during the week we spend lots of time in the garden, playing ball games and getting a little green fingered!

I have to admit, before having Arthur, I had little to no interest in gardening. I've always loved beautiful plants and flowers (who doesn't) but gardening just wasn't my thing. But in the last year or so, Arthur has really taken an interest in nature and I wanted to do everything I could to encourage this, so we've planted seeds together, we've talked about the jobs of bees, butterflies and other pollinators and we've done our very best to keep our plants growing healthily. I try and make sure he gets out in the garden most days and we've been really lucky recently that the weather has been so beautiful. The plants have needed a lot of water and it's a job Arthur's been more than happy to help with!

Dobbies Garden Centre recently launched a new campaign called #TakeTimeOutside, which is all about highlighting the ways you like to spend time in the garden. For some this might be alfresco dining in the evenings, enjoying a coffee and good book in the afternoon or like us - having a go at gardening! We were kindly sent a selection of gardening goodies so we can continue to #TakeTimeOutside together over the summer and keep our plants in tip top shape.

The other afternoon, we made the most of the sunshine and planted a few more little seeds. I don't know if we've left it a bit late but it's worth a try right? Even if they don't grow that well, Arthur had so much fun using his new Kent & Stowe Kids' Hand Trowel and Fork Set.* He also had a little play around with his new rake, attempting to get some of the leaves off the grass. It also doubled up as a great pretend horse, which kept him entertained for a few minutes while I snapped a few pictures and gave a few of my plants a prune with my Moulton Mill Trowel and Fork Set.*

I personally think gardening is one of the best ways you can #TakeTimeOutside with kids. It's an enjoyable, educational experience that gets them comfortable with nature. I'm hoping when we have a slightly bigger garden at a future house, we'll be able to have a go at growing more of our own food and I'll also be cooking with Arthur as he gets older, as I think it's one of those valuable life skills!

When it comes to gardening with toddlers, the key is to keep it fun. Make gardening tasks simple and tailor them to the age of your children. Don't expect them to want to spend too long on a single task and remember it's okay to get a little messy! I think the more laid back you are, the more fun you'll have together.

How do you like to spend time in your garden? Comment below or tweet me using the hashtag #TakeTimeOutside!

Megan x
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