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Dream Bathroom: Inspiration & Ideas

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Continuing with my 'dream home' series, I thought I'd tackle the bathroom next. I'm forever pinning pretty bathroom designs to my home and interiors board on Pinterest and feel like I've gained so much inspiration from doing so. It's really given me an idea of what I would love in my dream bathroom and though my ideas may not all become a reality, it's shown me that bathrooms have the potential to be as beautiful as any other room in your home.
Image credits: Cast Iron Bath // Cast Iron Bath // Katie Woods

Roll Top Bath

Let's start with my ultimate bathroom dream - a roll top bath! My mum has always wanted one of these and I think she's passed her love for them onto me. I just think they add a real touch of luxury to bathrooms and look great with other vintage-inspired pieces, like the Victorian towel rails by Heating Style, which make a real statement. The bathroom should be a place for relaxation and roll top baths, with their elegant designs, help to promote feelings of peace and serenity; whilst complimenting both modern and more traditional bathroom interiors.

I really love the coloured roll tops with the cast iron feet, as well as copper tubs, which whilst not quite as pretty and feminine; would make a real style statement. The other half has said we can have a roll top in our future home, so I'm holding him to that. Some of them are pretty pricey though so I think we'll be shopping round for a second hand bath or purchasing a modern-take on the design, which may be a little cheaper.
Image credits: LynzyandCo // Buzz16 // Pinterest

Twin Sinks

Twin sinks are a luxury bathroom design feature we probably won't end up having, as I imagine they're rather expensive and you'd need your bathroom to be a pretty decent size to fit them in. But seeing as I'm writing about my dream bathroom, I'm rolling with it! I don't know about you but I think there's something about twin sinks that looks so cool?! Especially those that have a slight rustic or even industrial feel to their design. I love the whole 'his' and 'hers' type thing.
Image credits: Utopia Group // Oak Furniture // The Effortless Chic

Stylish storage unit

The main problem I have in my current bathroom is that it doesn't have enough storage. There's a small cupboard but the shelving inside is narrow and barely fits a thing. I've resorted to littering wicker baskets of items across my window sill for the time being, which is just fine but perhaps not the set up I'd like in a future bathroom. Instead I'd love some sort of bathroom storage unit that offers both practicality and style. I would prefer bathroom toiletries and the like to be hidden away, as it not only stops my little boy getting his hands on them but also neatens everything up. After all, the bathroom is a place for relaxation and for me personally that means it should be minimalist and uncluttered.

I'd love a vanity unit like the ones shown in these pictures but some shelving made out of crates could look pretty cool too and give your bathroom a rustic finish.
Image credits: Nine 43 // Park and Oak // LivForInteriors

Paint & Tiles

When I've written about my dream kitchen and dream living room in previous posts, I've always had an idea of the paint colour but with the bathroom, I haven't a clue. I always think of bathrooms as being white but really, you can have them any colour you like. I think I'd be torn between going for something quite pale and serene or a fun statement wall, perhaps even with a patterned wallpaper. I suppose it all depends on the look you're going for and vibe you want to create. I also love the look of those mosaic patterned tiles that seem to be everywhere right now but I can't imagine they'd be my other half's cup of tea. I do think they'd look amazing in a shower cubicle with one of those antique-style showers though.

I have so many ideas for my dream bathroom but I feel like they're not quite yet cohesive. Perhaps that'll come to me when we do actually have a house to design but for now I'm going to keep pinning away and soaking up as much design inspiration as possible!

How would your dream bathroom look?

Megan x
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