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New Look Autumn Fashion Wishlist

Mustard Pinafore Dress // Green Striped Top //  Burgundy Pinafore Dress
Chenille Colour Block Jumper // Rust Cord Pencil Skirt // Orange Lattice Back Jumper
I've got a confession to make...I practically live in skinny jeans. Before becoming a mum I was all about the cute dresses but since then I've always gone for the comfortable and shall we say, practical option? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with skinny jeans, especially when autumn rolls around and you can pair them with a lovely oversized knit - take a look at the two featured above, aren't they gorgeous?! But this season, I'm hoping to step a little out of my comfort zone and treat myself to a pinafore dress and perhaps even a midi-length skirt. I'm soooo risky.

The thing about pinafore dresses is that I always find them to be a little on the short side. As in, barely covering my bottom. And at the grand old age of...27 (well actually, 28 tomorrow) I feel like my dress should cover what my other half and son would describe as my 'rather big bum.' The two I've featured above look to be a decent length so I'm hoping that if I get round to ordering one that it will tick that box. The mustard and burgundy pinafore colours are dreamy - so perfect for autumn and I think they'd look lovely paired with a stripy top (a staple in my wardrobe.) I've got my eye on that khaki green stripy top!

I'm also loving the rust cord pencil skirt from New Look. It'd go with so many things, from basic long-sleeve tops to roll neck jumpers. I'm just trying to work out whether I could get away with wearing it with tights and ankle boots...I think I could right? I'm just not really a ballet pump or heels kinda girl these days. Again, it's all about the comfort!

So yep, that's what's on my autumn wishlist and since it's my birthday tomorrow I may just treat myself to a piece or two. Decisions, decisions!

What will you be wearing this autumn?

Megan x
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