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Tesco Photo Canvas Print Review

I love taking family photos and sharing them on social media but to me, there's still something so lovely about having a physical print. Every few months I order a batch of our newest photos so I can put them in frames, memory boxes and photo albums to look back on in years to come. I still love looking at photo albums from my childhood and I want Arthur to be able to do the same, even if we do now live in a predominantly digital world.

Recently Tesco Photo got in touch to see if I'd like to review a photo canvas* that I could design myself. Of course, I jumped at the chance, knowing it'd be the perfect opportunity to print this lovely photo of our family, taken before our friends' wedding back in September.

The Tesco Photo website seemed fairly straightforward to use. You simply had to select the type and size canvas you wanted and then you could start personalising it. I uploaded my picture, everything looked great in the preview and then I went to checkout, opting to have the canvas delivered to my home for free. Tesco Photo also offer same day collection but you need to use the store finder to check there is a Tesco Photo Store close enough to you. The nearest for me was still an hour away, so delivery was the most convenient option.

Unfortunately, when my first canvas arrived, it wasn't quite how I'd hoped, as the top of my partner's head had been wrapped around the top of the canvas and my feet had been wrapped around the bottom. I got in touch with Tesco Photo to express my disappointment and they kindly offered to replace my canvas to ensure I was 100% happy with it. They said that their system showed that the top of my partner's head and my feet were in the wrapped area, though perhaps their software did not show this to the customer clearly enough. I really hope they find a way to do this, as I think it would save customers from making similar mistakes in the future.

When re-designing my canvas, Tesco Photo suggested that perhaps a 20x30 inch canvas, rather than a square canvas, would be better for my photo and prevent body parts from being missed off. I was more than happy to accept this change and I'm very pleased with the new canvas that has been sent. The quality of the print is great and I think it looks lovely on the wall.

The prices of the gallery canvases range from £28 - £115, depending on the size. They're not the cheapest out there but the quality of the print is very good. It's just of course important that the canvas is designed and printed correctly. This wasn't the case for me first time round but I'm really pleased with my new canvas and the customer service offered by Tesco Photo, who rectified the issue very efficiently.

Although it's a bit of a mixed review, Tesco is a company I buy from on a regular basis and this hasn't put me off purchasing their photo products in the future.

Meg x
*PR Item

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