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Thermae Bath Spa - Worth the wait?

A few weeks' back, I was a spa virgin. Yes, I'd managed to reach the grand old age of twenty eight without ever stepping foot in a spa. Sure, I'd enjoyed the odd jacuzzi and even sweated it out in a sauna but I'd never actually done the whole 'spa day' thing. That was until I was treated to Thermae Bath Spa vouchers for my birthday! Bath is a city I've wanted to visit for a long time and we were keen to explore the Christmas market (which is meant to be one of the best in Britain) so decided to tie it all together and make a weekend of it. Just the two of us (a rarity) and it was lush!

Of course, visiting the spa on the first weekend of the Bath Christmas Market had it's positives and negatives. The positives being that Bath felt vibrant, full of life and utterly magical. The scent of Christmas was in the air. People were cheery. And the place was dolled up in decorations. It was beautiful. But the downside was a 2 HOUR, yes I repeat, 2 HOUR wait to get into Thermae Bath Spa.

Now, you're probably thinking, 2 hours? That's ridiculous! Why did you wait? But the thing is, it was our only real chance to visit the spa before Christmas and we'd set our hearts on it. So we got in line, listened to Christmas carols, enjoyed each other's company and every now and then took a step closer.

But was it worth the wait?

After two hours standing in the queue, I have to admit I entered the spa feeling a little stressed and like I definitely needed a couple of hours relaxation to compensate. But I have to say, once we got into the Wellness Suite, all was forgotten and after a first visit to the Roman Steam Room, I was in full relaxation mode!

The Wellness Suite is made up of six state-of-the-art spa facilities; Roman Steam Room, Georgian Steam Room, Infrared Room, Ice Chamber, Celestial Relaxation Room and Experience Showers.

Infrared Room - Good for your muscles

My favourite part of the Wellness Suite was probably the Infrared Room - a high temperature room, which transmits 'soothing infrared waves of light deep into the muscles and joints.' We sat in front of one of the heater panels and it felt so good on my back - an area where I do get pains, since having a child and carrying him round!

Georgian Steam Room - Super relaxing

The Georgian Steam Room was also really relaxing and I really felt like it was working it's magic on my skin! Although Josh commented that I didn't look relaxed, I actually felt super comfortable and almost sleepy in there!

Celestial Relaxation Room - Not for me

The Celestial Relaxation Room was a little odd in my opinion. We queued a few minutes for it, so I guess I was expecting something revolutionary and was then somewhat disappointed by the heated loungers (which I didn't find particularly warm or comfortable) and planet-themed video. Maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea? It was an interesting concept though, I'll give it that!

Ice Chamber - Fun, refreshing and a great way to cool down

We did however LOVE the Ice Chamber. It was the perfect place to go in between the warmer rooms to cool down. The menthol-infused mist was so refreshing and you could gently rub the ice over your body to exfoliate the skin too. It feels so good when you scoop the ice into your hands and plunge your face into it - just don't accidentally leave your mouth open like I did the first time...you can't take me anywhere! Also be on guard if you're there with your partner. Mine of course had to throw some down my bikini top (cheeky sod) but I got my own back, don't you worry...

Open-air Rooftop Pool

Once we'd enjoyed all of the spa and sensory experiences the Wellness Suite had to offer, we headed up to the Rooftop Pool. As the lift doors opened, you were hit instantly with freezing cold air (not pleasant) but it made the first toe dip in the warm, mineral-rich waters all the more satisfying. The Rooftop Pool was busy - after all, the staff were having to conduct a one-in-one-out type policy for entry to the spa that day, but that didn't matter to us. Everyone was in their own little worlds and we enjoyed taking in the city views while we paddled about. I'd love to visit the spa in the evening next time, as I imagine it's lovely relaxing in the rooftop pool, with the city lights twinkling around you.

Minerva Bath

Our final stop was the Minerva Bath, named after the Roman Goddess of Health and Wisdom. This is the spa's largest thermal bath and has a number of features including massage jets, a whirlpool and a lazy river. Lounge on a float and let it carry you round. It's so relaxing but fun at the same time. It was the perfect way to end our session.

Would I recommend Thermae Bath Spa & visit again?

Definitely! I think the Thermae Welcome Tickets (£40 per person and can be used any day) are very reasonably priced. You get a 2 hour spa session (towel, robe and flip flops included) and have access to the entire Wellness Suite, along with the two thermal baths. You can also use the cafe if you wish to and your time is paused, so you don't miss out on any of your spa time.

If you want a treatment, they do cost extra and need to be booked in advanced. I personally didn't feel like we needed treatments to really benefit from the spa. I left feeling so relaxed and my skin felt great, so our time in the mineral baths and Wellness Suite definitely made a positive difference to me.

After having such a lovely time at Thermae Bath Spa, I don't think it'll be long before we book our next spa day! It's a fun thing to do as a couple and would make a great Christmas present if you are after a romantic gesture or something a little different to traditional gifts.

Have you visited Thermae Bath Spa? What did you think?

Meg x
Image credits: Thermae Bath Spa

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