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2018 - A year of making memories

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday however you celebrated and saw in the New Year surrounded by people you love. Having Josh off for the Christmas break was a real treat! We got to have some quality time as a family and make even more happy memories before the year was out.

In terms of Christmas celebrations, we were lucky enough to have a few! We kicked off the month with a lovely meal with friends, followed by a pre-Christmas with my brother and his girlfriend, Christmas Day with my parents and Josh's parents and post-Christmas celebrations at Josh's grans. All the food. All the fun. All the family. It's been wonderful!

New Year was much quieter, as we chose to spend it at home but it was lovely in every way. And as midnight struck, I wished Josh a Happy 29th Birthday (because his special day will ALWAYS be more important than New Year to me!) before we fell asleep watching a programme about shark attacks....as you do.

January 2018

Before I begin with this year's content, I wanted to first reflect on what a lovely year 2018 was for us. Although we got off to a pretty bad start with Josh in hospital the first week of January with appendicitis, our planned Cornwall holiday at the end of the month was just perfect, with a lovely stay at Forest Holidays, a trip to The Eden Project and beach walks aplenty!

February, March & April

In February, we celebrated our first year together as a couple and by March the place was covered in snow - I'd never seen Arthur so excited (well, until his 3rd Birthday and Christmas!) April was all about Easter activities, spring walks and family fun. We had a lovely day out on the train with Josh's family and Arthur had his first donkey ride at Weston Super Mare.

May & June

May was hot, hot, HOT, so we spent most of our time outdoors. We bought a paddling pool for Arthur, visited one of my favourite beaches at Woolacombe and had a lovely visit from our friends Liz and Will! June also saw more trips to the beach and sunny walks, exploring the Quantocks and Exmoor.


July started with a visit from our friends Hannah and Joe - we'd planned a beach barbecue in the sunshine, only for the heavens to open, just as we'd set up! The weather was a let down but catching up was wonderful. Fun was also had strawberry picking in Somerset (and getting the obligatory cute instagram pics), making ice lollies and paddling wherever possible! I tried clay pigeon shooting for the first time (and failed miserably) but still had fun in the sun with friends.


My biggest achievement in August (and probably the whole year) was passing my driving test! For years, it had been something I wanted to do but never thought I could, so I felt really proud of myself for committing to the lessons and achieving my end goal.


September started with a trip back to the Midlands to celebrate the wedding of my beautiful friend Abbie and her husband Dan. I hadn't seen Abbie since I moved to the South West at the end of 2016, so it was amazing catching up and re-uniting our children, Arthur and Emme. We also met up with Liz and Will in Matlock Bath and stayed in a beautiful cottage in Bonsall. It was definitely a good start to the month!

Another big event in September was Arthur starting pre-school. He was initially a little unsure but soon got into the swing of things and had a great time. It felt like such a big thing for me, having never really been away from him before but it was the right time and has done us both the world of good!

The month ended with a family visit to Legoland. We had such a fantastic time and were lucky enough to be given Q-BOT tickets by Tesco Mobile so we could queue jump a lot of the rides and really make the most of our day there.


October kicked off with mine and mum's birthdays, followed by what felt like an eternity of cleaning, before we moved house. As with every house move there was a lot of stresses but it didn't take long before I fell in love with our new place. We celebrated Arthur's 3rd birthday in the new house and had a lovely family day.


In November, Arthur started his new nursery and has settled in beautifully. I felt so guilty that he'd had to change nurseries with our house move but it couldn't have gone better and we both love the place he's at now. Josh and I also had a little romantic trip away to Bath for the Christmas Market and visited Thermae Bath Spa for a much-needed spa session!


And finally, December, which was all about Christmas, of course! Aside from the wonderful celebrations, we got to see Arthur in his first nativity play (cutest thing ever) and experience the magic of Christmas with a toddler who believes. He made Christmas truly special and I have to say, it was my favourite Christmas as an adult so far.

Here's to another great year!

2018 bought lots of happiness and I hope for much the same in 2019. We have some big plans and goals as a family, so I'm keeping my fingers well and truly crossed everything works out for us. I hope 2019 is a great year for you too. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you continue to enjoy my content over the next twelve months.

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Love Meg x

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