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Get Muddy at The Cleve Hotel, Somerset [Review]

The other weekend, we treated ourselves to a 'Get Muddy' spa day at The Cleve Country House Hotel & Spa in Somerset, with vouchers Josh received for his birthday. In all honesty, we had no idea what to expect from the mud treatment but couldn't wait for an afternoon of relaxation and some quality time together as a couple.

The Cleve Country House Hotel was very easy to find, just a stone's throw away from Wellington's historic town centre. The Victorian Country House looked impressive from the outside and with beautiful views of the Blackdown Hills and stunning Somerset countryside, it couldn't have been situated in a more picturesque place.
Inside, the hotel was equally as attractive. The staff were extremely welcoming and we felt completely at ease. After filling in a couple of forms, we were given a tour of the spa facilities and I could feel myself starting to relax. Unlike when we visited Thermae Bath Spa back in November, it was far less busy and for me, fewer people is always a winner! We went off to get changed into our swimwear and fluffy robes (who doesn't love a fluffy robe,) before heading back to the Spa Den to wait for our treatment. The lounging area had plenty of comfy chairs and as part of the 'Get Muddy' spa package, we could help ourselves to complimentary drinks, including fruit water, fruit juices and various hot drinks from the machines.

Rasul Mud Treatment at The Cleve Hotel & Spa, Somerset

The Rasul Mud Treatment was a little different from the treatments you would usually expect at a spa, as it's DIY, so there isn't a therapist to do it for you. We were taken into the treatment room and talked through each of the products we'd be using, how and when to apply them and all the benefits we'd feel. Once we'd had the full run down, we were left to head into the steam chamber, armed with our tray of exfoliators and Rasul muds, ready for application!

I actually really liked the fact it was just me and Josh in the steam chamber. I was able to relax so much more and it was a fun treatment to do together as a couple. Both the exfoliating and Rasul mud products were very easy to apply and you could really feel them working on the skin. The heat and steam inside the chamber felt quite intense at times but I really enjoyed it and knew it'd be opening up all my pores and helping the mud work it's magic. At the end of the 45 minute treatment, you simply had to shower off the mud. There were two showers conveniently located in the steam temple and the mud was so easy to wash off.

Did we feel the benefits?
Something else I really loved about the Rasul Mud treatment is that you could feel the benefits to your skin immediately. We both commented on how fresh we felt after stepping out of the treatment room and our skin was much, much softer.

The Rasul Mud is designed to detoxify the body, draw out impurities and get rid of dead skin cells. It leaves the skin feeling noticeable cleaner, plumped and super soft. My skin hasn't felt so good in ages and since having the treatment, I've been trying to make a conscious effort to keep exfoliating and moisturising, in order to prolong the benefits.

If your skin is in need of a little TLC, Rasul Mud is the perfect treatment to have. I'd also recommend it to new spa goers or those less keen on treatments like massages. As this is one you can do yourself, you're in full control. It's fun to do with a partner and a great way to relax while completely nourishing your body.

You can find more information about The Cleve Hotel's Rasul Mud treatment and it's benefits here.

A lovely lunch with bubbles!

After our 45 minute Rasul Mud treatment, we had a little time to relax in the Spa Den, before heading for our lunch platter and Prosecco, which is included in the price of the Get Muddy package. I really liked the fact the dining area was situated near the spa facilities, so you could eat in your robe and didn't have to bother getting dressed (it's the little things!)

We had the dining room completely to ourselves, which was lovely and the lunch platter (complete with a homemade soup) was absolutely delicious!

Spa Facilities at The Cleve Hotel, Somerset

Once lunch was over, we went for a lie down in the silent room. It was fairly peaceful in there (although not particularly silent with doors being constantly opened and closed) and the beds were very comfortable. The idea of going for a quick snooze may sound a bit weird but as a parent, it's something you never ever get to do, so it was really enjoyable!

We also visited the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, all of which were clean and available to use as and when we wanted to. The spa facilities were great and although we didn't use the gym, it looked to be equipped with everything you'd need too.

Would I recommend The Cleve Country House Hotel & Spa?

I have no hesitation in recommending The Cleve Country House Hotel & Spa! I really enjoyed the Get Muddy spa day and at £75 each, including the 45 minute Rasul Mud treatment, lunch, prosecco, complimentary drinks and full use of the gym and spa facilities, I think it is good value for money. Whether you live in Somerset or are visiting for a weekend away, it's a lovely way to spend an afternoon with your partner or with friends.

Meg x
Images courtesy of The Cleve Country House Hotel & Spa.

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