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JulieMay Luxury Shapewear Review

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It's funny, I never imagined I'd be writing another lingerie post so soon but when JulieMay got in touch to share their beautiful collection of luxury shapewear, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up on. You see, I'm a real advocate of comfortable underwear. I've been known to wear Bridget Jones pants, you know, the ones that hold everything in and I wore the large sized knickers I bought during my pregnancy with Arthur for many, many months afterwards, just because they were comfortable.

I'm also a big fan of beautiful lingerie but let's face it, it's not always that pleasant to wear! It may look attractive but how can something really make you feel your best, if it's digging into your shoulders or putting pressure on your ribs? The truth is, it can't.
But that's where JulieMay comes in. Their collections of lingerie, shapewear and postpartum wear offer the best of both worlds - beauty and comfort. They're designed to make you look but most importantly feel your best. And I think most women will agree that they feel so much more confident in their outfits when they're wearing good supporting, comfortable underwear!
I was very lucky to receive such a beautiful piece of JulieMay lingerie to try. This is the Flowery-Infrared Slim Silk Bodysuit Shaper and it's probably the most luxury piece of lingerie I've ever owned. It arrived in the prettiest presentation box (so pretty I had to share it on my Instagram stories) and I was immediately taken by the beautiful floral pattern.

But, like I said before, JulieMay lingerie has so much more to offer than an aesthetically pleasing design. The bodysuit is so comfortable to wear and it's no surprise, seeing as the inner layer of the bra and crotch are made of 100% pure silk (I told you it was luxury!) The non-slip shoulder straps are adjustable and wide so they don't dig into the skin and the lower waist cross-compression provides excellent support. There was no squeezing, bulging or irritation. It simply firmed-up my natural body shape, with everything feeling completely smoothed and supported.

The Infrared Slim™technology is also designed to improve your blood circulation and adjust body temperature so the bodysuit is comfortable to wear no matter the season.
Do you want to know one of the best bits about this gorgeous silk bodysuit? It's practical. You can actually go to the loo without having to take the whole thing off, simply using the (adjustable) poppers on the crotch. I know that's not the most glamorous thing to say but to a woman, it makes a huge difference!
Taking these photo wasn't easy. There were a lot of nervous giggles and awkward face outtakes. And admittedly, as great as this bodysuit makes me feel, I wasn't sure I really wanted to share how my body looks on my blog. But then I thought, hey, if I were buying such a beautiful piece of lingerie, it'd be useful to see what it looks like on someone that looks like me. A mum. Someone with curves, wobbles and stretch marks. A non-air brushed, imperfect body. So here you go!

I may not be 100% body confident. Like most people, there are things I'd change but I have to say since becoming a mum I've become a whole lot more comfortable in my own skin. My body carried, birthed and fed a baby. It's no surprise that it doesn't look the same as it once did. But that doesn't mean it should be neglected. In fact, it's a reason to take more care of it and I think that's the message that JulieMay relays with it's beautiful postpartum and shapewear designs. They show you that you don't have to compromise on beauty and luxury just because you need a little extra support.

You deserve to feel your very best!

Visit the JulieMay website for a closer look at their lingerie collections.

Meg x
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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous Megan! 🥰 What a gorgeous piece of lingerie! I wish I knew of her in the early days post partum! I felt the worst after georgia was born, my flabby belly and stretch marks took me to a whole new low! But I’m feeling better now only a year on �� you should be proud of these photo’s! You’ve got a lot of courage!

    Han xx


  2. You look stunning. Looks like you never gave birth. I still have a overhang of belly 3 years later. Still wearing Bridget pants though & leggings with dresses.