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Where I've been, What's Next and some Home Interior ideas

It's been a while since I shared a post here on Seek My Scribbles. It's partly down to being busy with work, which I certainly can't complain about. Back in February, I began working at a cafe in a nearby village and I really like it there. After years working alone, in front of my laptop screen, it makes a nice change to be around other people. I haven't quit writing though. In fact, I'm busier than ever! I have several regular clients and I feel like I'm getting back on track with things, which was my goal for this year.

I think the other reason I haven't blogged on here lately is that I just didn't know what to say. I couldn't see the point in posting for the sake of it and my heart wasn't in it. I want my blog to have direction and I felt like it had gone a little off-piste. At one point, I thought that I was going to share more of our family days out and that sort-of-thing but as Arthur grows, I become more and more concerned about sharing him online. My Instagram and Facebook have been very private for a long while now and although I was happy to share the odd photo of him on here before, it's no longer something I'm comfortable doing.

I'd really like to get back into sharing some more home / interiors posts when I have the chance. As we work towards building our family home - something that we're a little further along with since I last posted but still have a long way to go with - I'd really like to document our journey.

Recently, we've been collecting some ideas on Pinterest (you know it's getting real when you've got a shared home board), so for now I thought I'd share a few of them with you. Thankfully, we seem to be on the same page with the sort of home / interior styles we like!

Basically, the more wood the better. We're into the whole rustic look. Our walls don't need to be perfect and we'd rather the house looked cosy and lived-in than show-home. In terms of colour, I'm really into green. I particularly love the shade in the living room pictured above. I've still got my heart set on a roll-top bath - isn't that black one gorgeous? And I'd love one of the Insignia shower Cabins (you know, the ones with all the fancy gadgets)...but I think that's on my dream home list, rather than reality. There's nothing wrong with a little dreaming though right? There's already been talks of what is and isn't a necessity for the home but that's a whole other blog post right there.

Anyway, I've enjoyed posting on here again and sharing a little sneak peek of our ideas. I'd love to get back into posting regularly, especially when I've got some more home news and content ideas to share. Who knows, there may even be a blog name change on the cards because I'm just not sure Seek My Scribbles fits anymore. Let's see what happens shall we?

Meg x
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