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Slow Sundays with Lighthouse

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For us, Sunday is very much a family day. A slow morning, followed by an afternoon outdoors. If we don't have any plans, we often end up at the beach. We're very lucky to have several close by and given the choice of what to do, nine times out of ten, Arthur will pick a beach walk - especially if there's a trip to the cafe or an ice cream on the cards too!

Of course, you aren't always guaranteed good weather, especially here in Somerset. But what's the saying? 'There's no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes...' something like that. So we try and make the most of our family time and get some fresh air, even if the weather is slightly questionable.

Wrapping up warm is essential and quite frankly, comfort over style is something I've really embraced since becoming a mum. Long gone are the days where I'd ditch my coat and brave the cold in favour of showing off my new dress. Today, I’d much rather wear a warm coat and sacrifice style for practicality. But thankfully, this new edition from Lighthouse, gives you the best of both worlds.

Made in Northern Ireland (where they know a thing or two about wet and windy weather) Lighthouse jackets are designed to help make life that little more simple. Whether on the nursery run (which may I add nearly always involves a downpour) or heading to the beach for a walk, it’s the perfect jacket to pull on to keep me warm and dry.

What I like most about the Alanna Coat is that it’s lightweight and close-fitting but doesn’t compromise on warmth. The 100% cotton outer makes it breathable but with soft jersey lining, it’s super cosy too. Not only that but it also has Teflon coating to add that extra layer of protection, keeping the rain off and the wind out. I love the whole nautical vibe. It’s timeless and slots perfectly into my wardrobe.

Lighthouse also kindly sent Arthur the Harrison Coat in Utilty Green. It’s currently a little oversized (I’m a mum that opts for growing room) but he looks adorable. It’s 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof, with insulated padding and quilted chambray lining, giving me peace of mind that he won’t catch a chill. Keeping little ones wrapped up is always a challenge but Arthur was more than happy to try on his new big boy coat and once labelled up, he can wear it to nursery too! He looks really smart and I think my other half would squeeze in it himself given half the chance. I did feel super guilty that Josh wasn't part of our new coat crew but he did a wonderful job snapping photos - as he always does!

Photos like these are some of my favourite to look back on. I think it’s because they help me remember the little things.

Visiting the beach on a slow Sunday is nothing out of the ordinary for us, yet it’s precious time I’ll treasure forever. You see, it’s not just a walk on the beach. It’s making memories with my little family. It’s Arthur’s beaming smile as we play Sly Fox. It’s breathing in the fresh sea air. It’s the squeal of excitement as the water nearly laps over his wellies. It’s walking hand in hand and enjoying the peace (side note: sometimes it isn't peaceful...we do have a 4 year old after all!) It’s taking the time to appreciate how lucky I am. Not just to live in such a beautiful part of the world but to get to enjoy weekends with the people I love.

We might not always be doing wild things but we’re still making memories. There’s nothing wrong with living slowly and appreciating the small things in life. It’s the Lighthouse philosophy and it’s something I wholeheartedly agree with.

Here’s to slow Sundays with my boys. They’ll always be my favourite.

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