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What I'm Wearing: Pinafore Dresses

Pinafores are my favourite thing to wear right now. Comfortable and cute, they're perfect for everyday wear, with a long sleeved top and ankle boots. If it's a little cooler, I like to pop a jumper underneath for extra warmth and I've been known to wear them with my wellies too - we've had a lot of welly weather as of late, haven't we?

Although a quick Google search for 'pinafore dresses' will bring up trillions of results from almost every women's fashion store out there, my go-to place for a good pinafore is Tu!

They have some really gorgeous pinafore dresses (I own three) in various cuts and styles. I find they are true to size (I wear a size 10) and vary slightly in length, depending on the style you go for. Thankfully, none of the pinafores I've bought have been ridiculously short, a problem I've often had with pinafores from other stores.

I also love that they have pockets (practical) and are very reasonably priced. This black corduroy spotty pinafore was only £11! It's out of stock now unfortunately but there are plenty of other lovely choices under £20.

These days it's rare that I find a dress that I absolutely love but pinafores tick all of the boxes for me and I think I'll be wearing them for the foreseeable. Certainly until it gets hot enough to dig out my summer dresses anyway!

Are you a fan of the pinafore?