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Starting a vegetable patch

Thanks to Josh's hard work and a new found love for gardening (cricket appears to be out of the question this year...) we're now proud owners of a vegetable patch.

Yes that section of our rather wild and wonderful paddock is now home to several vegetables, including potatoes, broad beans, peas, carrots, parsnips and beetroot. The potato plants are looking good, despite a rather unexpected frost and we've got bean and pea shoots up too. We've also spotted what we think are beetroot leaves. No sign of parsnips yet. Frankly, it'll be a miracle if we get any carrots seeing as we're not quite sure where Arthur scattered them. But hey, it's all part of the fun!

I've been getting my hands dirty too. Admittedly, avoiding the hard part i.e the digging of the vegetable patch. I wasn't so handy with the rotavator either. But I'm enjoying the sowing and watering parts. It's somewhat therapeutic going down to the patch in the evening to water the plants. It's also so exciting when you spot something new...even if it turns out to be a weed.

Back in the kitchen and living room, we've got several other plants taking over the window sills. First up, tomato and sweet pepper plants, grown from seeds we harvested from an actual tomato and sweet pepper. Who knows what they'll turn out like but they're growing!

Here we've got 2 rapidly growing runner bean plants (watch out Jack!) and 4 healthy-looking courgette plants, grown to replace our originals killed off by the aforementioned frost. I was genuinely gutted when we found them flopped over in the vegetable patch but we're new to this - it's a learning curve.

And recently planted in the pots are sweetcorn, pumpkin, chillis, more runner beans and two different types of marrow.

Apparently, we don't do things by halves! Fingers crossed they all grow.

Update: We've now turned an old egg incubator into a cold frame so we can put some of the window sill plants out each day. They're loving it! The runner beans have been planted out too. Josh cut an old barrel in half to make two big pots and they look fantastic.

Anyone else started a vegetable patch during lockdown? What have you been planting in your garden?