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Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap Review

AD - Product Review
Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soaps make bath time far less boring for my four year old and my job of getting him clean a whole lot easier!

The crazy foam is a lot like a thick shaving foam in consistency and comes in several different colours including white, pink, blue and purple. It's super easy to use, so kids can have lots of fun squirting, shaping and bouncing it around the bathtub. Squirt out lots of foam and it'll change the colour of the water too!

Now parents, I know you'll be thinking about the potential for mess and stains on the tub. Well, you'll be pleased to hear that the bath foam is mess and stain-free! As soon as it hits the water it melts down and doesn't leave any stains whatsoever (making it far better than some of the colourful bath bombs you can buy.) If your little one gets any around the side of the tub or on the tiles, a quick rinse will wash it straight down the plug hole.
It's great!

The Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soaps are also a fun addition to the paddling pool. They're great for messy and sensory play, encouraging kids to use their imaginations and get creative. Arthur's favourite thing to do is make 'cakes' by layering up the different colours of foam. He also likes squirting the foam out like snow and rolling it into balls.

You could also spray the foam onto a tray and get your little one to practice drawing letters and numbers with their finger. Or grab a toy car and make tracks through the foam. The possibilities for play are endless!

The foaming soaps are very mild, with a hypoallergenic, PH balanced formula, to gently cleanse and moisturise your little one's skin. They're also free from nasty chemicals like SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulphate) and Parabens, giving you total peace of mind that they're safe for your little one to use and play with.

Priced around the £2 mark, they're fairly cheap and cheerful so you can let your little one go wild with the foam without worrying how long its got to last!

Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap is available to purchase from Superdrug and other high street retailers.

It's a fantastic product for kids, great for injecting the fun back into bath time or enjoying messy play outdoors.

Product review featuring a gifted product. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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