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Disclosure Policy

As a blogger, I feel it's really important to be as honest as possible with my readers and disclose when I have either been sent a product to feature, received complimentary tickets for an event or attraction or been paid to create a piece of content for SeekMyScribbles.com. Please see below for the disclosures I will be using from 28th January 2019 for content that either features gifted items, items sent for review or sponsored content. Please note that posts published before this date also feature relevant disclosures, however they may differ in format.

Posts marked [AD - Gifted Product/s] will feature a product or products that have been gifted to me by a brand or their PR company. These products may have been sent out of the blue or have been sent without any requirements for me to feature or review them.

Posts marked [AD - Review] will feature a product or products that I have been sent in exchange for a review or feature on Seek My Scribbles. This also includes things like tickets that have been sent in exchange for a review of an event or attraction.

Please keep in mind that whether I have been 'gifted' a product / service or asked to review, it does not affect how I write about it. I will always give my honest opinion and only recommend products that I use or would buy again myself.

Posts marked [AD - Sponsored] / [AD-Collaborative] will feature content that I have been paid to write. Sometimes a brand has provided key messages they would like me to include, other times it may be a specific link. I usually maintain creative control and write my own sponsored content. If for one reason or another I have chosen to share a paid post that has been written by another party, I will make this clear to the reader within the disclosure.

If you have any questions about my disclosure policy please feel free to email me meganhunt03@hotmail.co.uk