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About Me

I’m Megan, a twenty-something, freelance writer and mum to a wild and wonderful little boy, Arthur. We live in the West Country and call Somerset home. I started Seek My Scribbles all the way back in 2011, as an outlet for my thoughts and writing but also as a form of escapism. It’s funny, looking back I hardly recognise the girl that started this blog. It feels like a lifetime ago...

So much has changed over the years and my blog has seen me through many life experiences, from pregnancy as a single mother, to moving across the country and falling in love with the most wonderful man, who has changed our lives for the better.

What you can expect from me...

Seek My Scribbles is a reflection of what I enjoy in life, from beauty, fashion and interiors, to the most important thing of all – family. I have plans to share a lot more of our ‘days out’ here on the blog, along with my experiences as a work-from-home parent to a now, three year old. So, if family and lifestyle content is your kind-of-thing, this is most definitely a place for you!

As a family, we have some big plans for the future and I have no doubt that my blog will continue to document them. I get so much joy from creating content and love that through my blog, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic brands and build friendships that remain true, in spite of the distance.

My content writing business

When I’m not blogging for Seek My Scribbles or exploring Somerset with my family, I am working from home, crafting copy and writing posts for my clients. I have been self-employed since graduating Nottingham Trent University in 2012, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Like many graduates, I decided not to follow the traditional path with my degree and instead set up my own content writing business. Although things have been a little quieter for my business since becoming a mum, I am determined 2019 is the year I build it back up and really make it work for my family.

What else do you need to know?

Well, I’m a coffee drinker. I enjoy baking and cooking (though my creations don’t always go to plan!) And I love a good TV series (but Grey’s Anatomy will always be my favourite.) I like to spend my weekends outside with my boys. There’s nothing better than hopping in the Land Rover and heading out for some fresh air (even if Arthur doesn’t always like to walk!) And I love that there’s always somewhere new to explore. As a family, we enjoy taking photos and it’s very much a part of our adventures, so be sure to follow me on Instagram for snaps and stories!

Let's chat...

As I said before, I’ve made some wonderful friends through blogging and social media but there’s always room for more! So if you fancy a chat, let’s follow each other on Twitter? And my emails are always open.

Meg x